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Pet Movers offers Basic Dog Obedience Training Course.


Companion Dog Trainers.

We have trainers that currently produces consistent winners of SKC organised advanced obedience and agility trials. Our 10 week training course will cover all aspects of basic obedience. We have low handler to trainer ratio which guarantees greater attention will be given to all handlers and their companions.

We have the following Basic Classes:

Saturdays: 3:30p.m. to 5.00p.m.

Saturdays: 5:30p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Sundays: 10:30a.m. to 12:00noon

Sundays: 5:30p.m. to 7:00p.m.

Sundays: 9:30a.m. to 10:30a.m. - Intermediate Class

Sundays: 4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. - Puppy Class

9 weeks of 1.5 hours of training on heel work, automatic sit, down, stand, stays, recall and heeling off leash.

On the 10th week, an evaluation will be carried out to ascertain the teamwork of both handler and companion.

With our above programme, handler and companion would have gone through the entire requirement for participation in Pre-Novice and Novice class obedience trial organized by SKC.

For more information please visit our website.                Application Form

Location : Pet Movers (S) Pte. Ltd.
4 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 to 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 519318(click here for map)
As a service to our customers, and the community at large,
Pet Movers offers this courses at a non-profit rate.

The fee for the 10 week basic obedience training with CD Trainers ranges from S$200 for dogs bought from Pet Movers (S) Pte. Ltd. to S$300.

A well-trained animal is both a pleasure & a privilege to own, and this course will help instill mutual respect between dog and owner. The course endeavours to provide pet owners with a better understanding of their dog and the skills necessary to ensure the correct control and handling of their pet. It also provides a friendly forum where owners can allow their pets to interact with other animals, and seek the advice of an experienced trainer on any particular pet "problems".



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